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During this unprecedented time, VIP Tots administrative and teaching staff are continually seeking to find ways to ensure you and your child have access to all possible resources in order to continue the education process from home.  To this end we have created this parent portal page where we will continue to post links to relevant eduational websites as well as activity packets for you to download and print off for your child to complete at home. If you do not have access to a printer we will make copies available and work to get them to you.  Our staff will continue to follow up with you multiple times each week to touch base.

Resources for Preschoolers

Reading, Writing and Math

Download this packet of fun activities for practicing your Reading, Writing and Math!

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Writing, Health and Safety

Download this packet of fun activities to work on writing improvement, as well as Health and Safety!

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Interactive Activities from First 5

Check out these fun activities to work on motor skills, memory, communication, and more!

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Food Resources

Check out the link below for a map and links to various food pantry locations and school meal pickup locations.

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Can you recognize and draw the shapes you see? Download this packet of fun activities with shapes!

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Opposites Flashcards

Can you circle the picture that is different? Download this packet of fun activities to find out!

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Time Capsule Activity

You’re living through history right now! Download this fun activity and create a 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule!

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Spring is here! Download this activity to learn the parts of the plant and plant your very on bean plant!

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