Early Intervention

Toddler & Preschool Programs V.I.P. TOTS offers classes or Home Program services for young children with special needs ages 18 months to eight years old. Experienced special education and child development teachers plan quality programs for children 18 months to 36 months or visit homes twice a week. Teachers help children develop communication, social, motor, and self-help skills. Teachers assist with school readiness activities. Therapists provide consultation or direct therapy to children in Tots with Tutors programs. Tots with Tutors is for children needing one to one services that are provided in center based classes and/or home program visits. Staff members communicate frequently with parents. Children ages 3 to 8 are enrolled in our Kids with Tutors home program when Inland Regional center authorizes this service. How Does My Child Qualify? Children in our early intervention program must qualify for services. Individual meetings are held with regional center staff, parents and teachers to determine eligibility and set goals. Inland Regional Center funds children birth to three years old. If you are concerned about possible developmental delays for your child under three years old, call V.I.P. Tots at 951 652 7611. You will be given contact information for Inland Regional Center.